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On the following pages you´ll find some examples of Ute Jaeckel´s work. Buckanear Design is known for it´s unique handcarved leatherart. You´ll only see handcarvings, no embossing plates are used. Many of the objects are one of a kind, specially made for Ute Jaeckel´s customers, like Willie G. Davidson, Ralf and Cora Schumacher, Samy Deluxe, Udo Lindenberg and many more. If you are looking for accessories for exquisite Harley-Davidson Motorcyles, belts, bags, dayplanners, guestbooks, wallets, leatherpictures, or "Real Dragonskin" this is the place to browse and you´ll find: Buckanear Design = Leather in it´s prettiest shape Handmade in Hamburg, Germany Since 1991 Ute Jaeckel won many awards at international  shows. If you have any questions, just call.                                 Welcome to the grand Illusion. Awards
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Buckanear Design, Ute Jaeckel, Gärtnerstr. 41, 20253 Hamburg, Germany
Kreativität - Qualität - Erfahrung / Creativity - Quality - Experience
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