Made in Germany

International Federation Show of Leatherguilds

1991: Dallas, Texas

3.Place, Tankcover for Harley-Davidson

1992: Chicago, Illinois

1.Place, Guitarstrap "Let there be Rock"

2.Place, Belt " Evolution Nosnake Design"

1993: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

1.Place, Belt "Burning Traditional"

3.Place, Guitarstrap "The real Nosnake"

1994: Indianapolis, Indiana

1.Place, Purse "Dragon Wing"

2.Place, Wallet "Nosnake Design"

2.Place, Tankcover für Harley-Davidson

1995: Springfield, Missouri

1.Place, Belt "Pirate´s Trophy Belt"

2.Place, Purse "Let´s go West"

3.Place, Bag "The Dragon Traveller"

1996: Columbus, Ohio

1.Place, Belt "Burning the other Side of Midnight"

3.Place, Wallet "Back to the Past"

1997: Ft.Worth, Texas

1.Place, Picture "Colours of the Spirit". Best of Category

1.Place, Bag " Real Dragon Hide"

1.Place, Riflesling "Let´s play Cowboys and Indians"

2.Place, Belt"About Sympathy and Taste"

1998: Michigan City, Indiana

2.Place, Beltpouch "Tears of the Dragon"

3.Place, Tankcover for Harley-Davidson

1999: Denver, Colorado

3.Place, Beltpouch "Tears of the Dragon"

2000: Topeka,Kansas

2.Place, Tankcover for Harley-Davidson

3.Place, Dayplaner "Rose"

3.Place, Wallet "Stone"

2002: Indianapolis, Indiana

1.Place, Beltpouch "Grab"

3.Place, Tankcover für Harley-Davidson

2003: Georgia

1.Place, Beltpouch "Tree"

2.Place, Wallet "Grab"

3.Place, Tankcover for Harley-Davidson

2004: Topeka, Kansas

1.Place, Wallet "The South did it"

1.Place, Tankcover für HarleyDavidson

3.Place, Belt "Roaring Flames II"

2005: Denver, Colorado

3.Place, Wallet "Bj"

2066: Butler, Pensilvania

1.Place, Wallet "Skulls X Roses" Best of Category

2007: Ft.Worth, Texas

1.Place, Wallet "Skull Jewels" Best of Category

2.Platz, Dayplanner "Efeu"

3.Place, Wallhanging "The real Jolly Roger"

2008: Columbus, Ohio

2.Platz, Wallet "Flame Skull"

2010: St.Louis, Missouri

2.Place, Wallet "Jester"

2011: Albuquerque, New Mexico

2.Place, Dayplanner "The danish Princess"

2012: Nashville, Tennesee

1.Place, Horncover "Silver Skull" Best of Category

2.Place, Dayplanner "Real Dragonskin"

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